Hi everyone at Bettina. I’ve been with Bettina for only a couple months and was very excited when I found out I had a casting with Nickelodeon. The casting
was awesome and the team at Nickelodeon were fantastic. When I found out I got the job I was ecstatic. When I got slimed it was the best feeling in
the world. I was jumping into something I had no idea about. Was it going to be sticky, thick or thin. I got my wardrobe and make-up done and got to
wear some pretty awesome clothes. When it was my turn to get slimed I stepped up onto the platform and saw all the slimers and camera’s pointing at
me. The slimers had a serious look on there face. Before I jumped everybody cheered me on and made me feel very excited. It was surreal to have all
these people cheering for me. When I jumped and saw the slime coming at me from four different directions, I had a big adrenaline rush and didn’t know
what to do so I just kept smiling, pretty bad idea since it went all into my mouth. It actually didn’t taste as bad as I thought. When I landed on
the mat I was absolutely saturated with slime. It was even in my shoes. After we got slimed we had to have a shower and go into wardrobe and make-up
again. Thanks Bettina for giving me such a great experience. Thanks to you I met lots of wonderful people that I am still in contact with. Ariel x