“Brooke has experienced so much over the last 6 months with Bettina and currently on her 4th photo shoot with Big W. Big W Sydney have been amazing with
Brooke and now when she walks on set they all say Hi Brooke. Brooke as a young child was extremely shy and found it hard to speak to new people and
have direct eye contact. After so many people telling Brooke she should give modelling a go we finally took the plunge. I can honestly say modelling
and going to numerous castings has really given Brooke so much confidence in her everyday life over the last 12 months. Rejection is a huge process
in the modelling and acting industry and children are not always going to be picked. All I can say is it has all been worth it as Brooke has a huge
passion for fashion and loves modelling and making new friends on set.
I have been so pleased with all the staff at Bettina and Big W.
Brooke is so looking forward to what 2019 brings!!!” – Sarah (Brooke’s mum)