It was great fun. When we got there, at about 7am in the morning, it was freezing cold. The crew were serving a warm breakfast but we had some before
we left home. I got my makeup done when we got there and it was so much fun and then when farmer Phil arrived we said hello and talked a bit. Then
we said hello to everyone else and talked for a while waiting for the crew to get everything ready. Once everything was set and ready to go we had
to round up the goats into the shed so we could use them for the shoot. That was fun but I was kind of nervous because it was my first time doing it.
There was one goat that had a very funny hair style it looked like an old rock dude haha we had so much fun doing that and then once
we rounded them up we started shooting. We had to climb a fence into a hay bale and do it over and over again it was tiring but very fun then
we had to drive the ute down a dirt track and there was mud flicking everywhere it smelt so bad at first because of all the cows but then we
got used to it. After it all we had to drive to another paddock to shoot our last piece that was hard because we had to do it over and over
and over. It was all worth it though. We had so much fun. At one part my hair kept falling in my face and we had to mega bobby pin it I think
we used about 10 bobby pins? It was funny. Zac and I had so much fun and we would love to do it again. Mum got some great photos. We all had a great
laugh throughout the day it was a blast. I think my talent might be acting.