“I’d like to take this time to thank Bettina Management for giving my daughter the opportunity to be able to express herself through her passion for acting
and performing. You have given her the avenue to follow her dreams by facilitating and making it possible for her to audition for roles in commercials
and acting jobs. As a father watching her evolve and gain confidence through this path, you have my heartfelt thanks and sincerest gratitude. She had
a new experience with the Sisters of Charity project. She had to perform with a green screen backing while acting out her part and voicing out her
lines. The background will be edited later on digitally. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and she has only gained more confidence and will grow
even more from having experienced these various and diverse working environments. Once again, I’d like to express our families gratitude to Bianca
and all the staff at Bettina Management for making this possible.” – Mari (Erica’s dad)