“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bettina Management and Wesfarmers for selecting our daughter Hannah to showcase her talent. Right from
the lead up to the Runway, the communication was spot on. The excitement for Hannah started when we arrived at the offices for the dress rehearsal
and in no time she had already made a friend .Being a girl she loves shopping and clothes ( learnt from the best- her mummy). After the dress rehearsal
all she talked about was how beautiful the clothes were and that she can’t wait for the event. The next 2 days literally dragged for Hannah with
the famous “ are we there yet” line.
Finally it’s the BIG day, we arrive at the Perth Convention Centre to be met by lovely back office staff. The staff was super organised that I as a
parent did not have to worry about my child as everything was well taken care of. The staff were so friendly & professional from the make up
artists to the dressing crew. Plus the food was yummy too. Its showtime and my daughter Hannah got a bit nervous as she walked out onto the ramp
to over a thousand pair of eyes looking at her. She got confident the second time round and the rest is history. Her favorite part of the whole
event was that she could keep the clothes and accessories. Every time she wears those clothes she tells her friends that they should buy their
clothes from Target and Kmart, as they make the best girls clothes. Overall the whole experience was epic and unforgettable. Thank you to Bettina Management for making Hannah’s job a very memorable one.” – Calvin (Hannah’s Dad)