“Harrison had an incredible time with his recent photoshoot and is already asking when he can get more pictures taken. We were a little unsure of how
he would handle the early start, but the excitement had him jumping out of bed. We let him know that he needed to get his hair and makeup done
first, so he was ready and enthusiastic to jump into the chair when we arrived. He was slightly disappointed when he didn’t actually get any makeup!
With that said, the crew had some fun with him and pretended to brush some on his cheeks. We moved on to a few test shots while wardrobe sourced
shoes in his size. Harrison had the opportunity to sit and then stand on a block and perform a variety of static poses. After that, he was allowed
to jump off the box and be a little more energetic and use some props. The photographer was gracious enough to sit Harrison up on a chair in front
of the computer and showed him how good he looked in all his pictures.
The entire experience was very pleasant; it was a really friendly and welcoming environment, and everyone involved was incredibly positive and
nurturing with Harrison. For our little superstar, he had the time of his life!” – Michael (Harrison’s dad)