“Thank you so much Bettina management for making this possible for me and opening a wide range of opportunities to pursue what I love and enjoy. When my
mum told me about the photoshoot I couldn’t believe it! I felt very special that someone had chosen me.
I got to do the photoshoot with a lovely girl named Mia. The theme was ‘BFF’. So as Mia and I had really never met each other so it was awkward to
be hugging and holding her hand for the photos at first. After a while, we properly introduced ourselves and then the experience became even more
fun. We become close friends! The makeup and hair artists were very funny and extremely nice. They really did keep you entertained for nearly 2 hours. The staff and management of
J’adore had a very bubbly and happy personality that made this experience even more amazing. The photographer was the most supportive and motivating
person as she constantly gave you compliments but also ways that you could improve for the future. I’m so grateful and can’t wait to see the photos.” – Isabella (Talent)