“Dear Bettina, I went to audition for a Microsoft job where I had to be the CEO for the day. It was really cool as I got to play on the Xbox Kinect while
I waited to audition. I was lucky enough to get the job and had to go into the city to a beautiful big building near the water. It was very exciting
as I went by train and this was the first time for me. Once I knew I had the job I practiced and practiced so I would get it right. When I arrived,
the Microsoft people were really nice to me. It was a surprise for me to walk in on the board meeting so I had to hide in a meeting room so no one
would see me. I felt awesome as I had my hair slicked back and was dressed in a suit like a businessman. Mum had given me a big black folder to put
my script in and a pretend phone. In the meeting room I practiced a few times and they really loved it. It was so funny because I got to yell orders
at these important people about marketing budgets and strategies. The real Microsoft CEO (PIP) was nice to me and was the only one who knew I was a
fake. She helped me a lot during the meeting. All the board members laughed at the stunt as they thought it was so funny that a kid was in charge of
this massive company. It was a great and fun experience. After, the stunt mum took me out for lunch and then we rode the train home. Thank you to Anna
for putting me up for this job, acting is what I really love to do.” –