“We recently had our first job through Bettina. It was a lot of fun and very exciting – right from the initial response to the call out, through the audition
process and confirmation, and on the actual day itself. My little guy is only 5, so we spent a lot of time leading up to the day preparing him for
the early start, the day off school and what he might need to do at the shoot. It was my first experience as well, so here’s the top three tips I took
Make sure you take things to keep your child entertained and comfortable because there is some waiting around, for example a picnic blanket, pillow, device, books, games. Things they can do with other kids is ideal like card games or puzzles.
Talk to and learn from other parents and the set crew – they’re a wealth of knowledge.
If your child is in costume, make sure they’re covered with their own clothes (jumper or jacket) before they eat. Especially if tomato sauce is on
the menu.
Special thanks to the team at Bettina – they were fantastic at keeping us informed and briefed throughout the entire process. It was a great first experience!”
– Kerren (Jesse’s mum)