“We had only been with Bettina for one and half months before being
told that Kyra had landed a job. This was Kyra’s first ever modelling
job so it was exciting news for Kyra and the rest of the family! The
job was for still shots for a book related to kid’s sports.
On the day of the shoot, which took approximately 4 hours, Kyra was
joined by 3 other kids. She enjoyed herself tremendously as it was
pretty much a day of playing games and sharing laughter with new found
friends in Fawkner park. Even the rain interruption couldn’t dampen
the kid’s spirits. At the end of the day, the kids were rewarded and
had a good laugh by smashing the eggs used for the photo shoot.
It’s possibly (most probably, to be honest lol) a proud parent’s bias
opinion but I believe that Kyra did an awesome job! She seemed really
natural, comfortable and listened well to instructions given by the
crew members (lots of credit by the photographer and editor as well
for making all the kids feel at ease during the shot. They were very
It was a great experience for Kyra and she enjoyed herself so much
that day. She still can’t stop talking about it with our entire family
and she is hoping that she can do it again and more often!
She is really looking forward to her next job, hopefully it will be soon.
Thanks, Bettina, for making Kyra’s day! It was an experience she will
not soon forget.
P.S. – Renoa (our younger 4 year old) says that she wants to be a
model just like her older sister. Just so that she can SMASH some eggs
as well LOL” – Jasmine (Kyra’s mum)