“Luca and Ziata are relatively new to Bettina, they joined in December 2018. One of their first jobs was for a home builder shoot in March, which we all
did as a family. The communication from casting to landing the job was nothing short of professional. We were kept informed at all times throughout
the process. Being our first job, we were all a little nervous and just wanted to do a great job representing Bettina and for the client. From the
moment we arrived at the location, the whole team were fantastic. Both Luca and Ziata had a wonderful day with the team, you would have thought they
had known each other for years. They were constantly ensuring they were having breaks and a little snack, they were extremely considerate given it
was a hot day. By the end of the day Luca asked if Lizzie could baby sit them! All in all, a wonderful day spent working but really felt like a day
of fun. Thank you Bettina and Home Builder for giving us the opportunity to work together as a family.” – Lina (Luca Ziata’s mum)