“Peter Rabbit is Marc’s first job after being with Bettina for a year. After renewing his representation with Bettina last Nov 2018, he got this job in
Dec 2018. We then realised that our decision to continue his journey in the modeling/entertainment industry was right.
Being part of Peter Rabbit, although it was a minor role, was a totally memorable experience for Marc as well as for us. Both Bianca and Brodie from
Bettina were very supportive. The PR Production Team were truly amazing as well. Every shoot day was an exciting day for us which we always look
forward too. Marc’s siblings can’t wait to see the movie in theatres, hoping to catch a glimpse of Marc’s appearance in there. Now that filming
for Marc’s role has ended, we miss the early mornings and the busy days of preparations” – Michelle (Marc’s mum)