Hi, my name is Monique Wood. I am six years old now and currently in grade 1. My mum got a phone call about an interview for the Robina photo shoot and
the people wanted to meet me in the city. My dad came too. They were really nice and asked me what my favorite food was. I said White chocolate and
they promised that me that they should be able to organize that for me when I was to do my photo shoot and explained what I need to do on the day.
Two days later my mum drove her car to the city and we went inside a big building. Inside there were lots of people and an Xmas tree and pretend presents.
There were lots of clothes and jewelry and makeup everywhere. I sat in a chair and had my hair and makeup done by a really nice lady. And then I put
on a pretty blue dress and shoes and jewelry. I had lots and lots and lots of photos taken of me. I ate lots of white chocolate and strawberries. It
was so much fun. They would take some photos of me and then I would have a break and eat more chocolate and strawberries. I had photos with Santa too,
I know he wasn’t the real one because mum told me that he was just a helper as Santa was at the north pole. When I took the photos with Santa I had
to look in his ear for wax and recite the alphabet. I couldn’t see any wax in there and this made everybody laugh and me laugh too. Inside the present
box where more photos were taken I had to open the lid and count the pretend rabbits and close the lid again. This was a bit hard to do as I kept accidently
counting out loud instead of in my head quietly and this kept making me laugh. It was really funny. Mum kept laughing with me too and at the end they
gave me a present, a box full of Jewelry including the belt I wore around my waist in the photos. My mum a few weeks later took me on an aeroplane
to Qld to the Robina shopping centre. I got to see myself and Santa in the shopping centre everywhere. I also got to keep the catalogue from the Robina
shopping centre. When my mum first showed me the catalogue I was a bit disappointed that I was not on the front cover as I wanted to be on the front
cover. I was inside the catalogue twice and my mum said that if I want to be on the front cover one day that I can be. I really want to be on the front
cover like the pretty other model lady that was at the photo shoot with me was. She was really pretty and nice to me