In September I got a call from Bettina telling me my son has been chosen to be in a Medibank Private ad. We were very excited by this news! It started
out with just a meet and greet with the client, they asked Oliver to do a short 5 minute task which they just filmed on a hand-held video camera everything
was very quick and easy. The next call we got was to say that he had been short listed and he will be needed to come for a wadrobe day. I unfortunately
couldn’t make it to the wadrobe day but my mother took Oliver for me, she said it was a very relaxed easy day. The last call we got was to say Oliver
has been chosen to be filmed for the advertisment, this news was what we had been waiting for! So we made the hour and a half trip to Melbourne where
we were greeted by several helpful workers who pointed us where to go and what to do next, there was a little bit of waiting around to be done but
thats got to be expected. They got us to dress Oliver into the clothes he would be filmed in which were his own clothes from home, then we went and
got his make-up done, they only put a bit of sunscreen on and some powder so he wasn’t too shiney. We then went straight onto set, the people in
set were very good with all the children, Oliver is a very shy boy so I was a little worried about how he would go being given tasks to do by strangers
but they were all very nice and patient with the children. By the end of the day Oliver was quiet tired, (he didn’t get his afternoon nap) but we did
get a free large buffet lunch and free coffee and drinks all day which helped us all keep going. All in all it was a very good day, Oliver had fun
and it was a great experience for all of us.