Oliver attended Magnum & Co for the shooting of the “We are Cheeky” Campaign. We were on time and Catherine was at the door to welcome us. Oliver
blended into the group of kids straight away and felt comfortable and natural as if he knew the place and the people very well already. We didn’t
have to wait much time before they called Oliver and one of the other boys to start the shooting. Oliver told me that he enjoyed having salad and
then ice cream during the shooting. He was given a challenge not to eat a second plate of ice cream: he didn’t want to break the rules so he didn’t
have the second bowl, even if the other boy ate it “in case it melted”. I wasn’t always able to see everything they were filming, but I could hear
Oliver’s voice chatting happily and spontaneously. I still don’t know what they were talking about or whether it will end up in the video launch
after the editing, but it was nice to hear Oliver being himself during the filming.
The crew was very professional, welcoming and positive. They even took us to a nearby coffee place for a break over a nice warm chocolate which we all enjoyed.
The ladies from “We are Cheeky” were very keen to talk to everyone and tell us about their brand. They told me that the videocasting of Oliver was
one of their favorite ones and that what made them choose him was how cheeky Oliver was doing his best impression of his dad half-dazed and looking for his morning coffee!
We feel very grateful with the opportunity that Oliver was given to participate in this project and admire the fact that a key focus of the brand marketing is that they give back to those in need.
It was also very nice to meet other kids with Bettina such as Jubilee and Aydin. Jubilee’s mum and I had a good time talking together. We all shared our experiences with Bettina and said how happy we are with the Agency – that you put the kids’ welfare first, let them just be kids, while at
the same time being efficient and communicating clearly and promptly. She and I agreed that all of your team are very helpful, but we particularly mentioned you as always positive, caring so professionally for our kids, objective yet also personal.