“Everyone at Bettina Management has been fabulous. They’ve made a daunting decision much easier by answering all my questions, which is why I signed up
my youngest daughter with them. We had no expectations, but thought that Vivienne would enjoy the chance to be involved in some acting or modelling.
It was all new to our family, but luckily the staff at Bettina had the experience to help us through the process! Vivienne’s first audition led to
her shooting a television commercial, which was an amazing experience for her and fascinating for all of us to see how the magic is made. She’s so
proud when people say “didn’t I see you on TV?” and it’s given her an opportunity to follow her passion. Everyone on set was so kind and helpful, and
there was a wealth of information from Bettina Management about what to expect on the day and how the system works. I’ve noticed that everyone at Bettina
has made a point of following up quickly, which is so important when decisions are often made by clients at the last minute (as we’ve learned!). I’m
so glad that Vivienne has had the opportunity to be a part of Bettina Management, and I can’t wait to see what she achieves next.” – Kathryn (Vivienne’s mum)