My son Zachary Boyd went along to the Sorbent Commercial. When we arrived Heidi the Production Manager was very welcoming and showed us around the set.
Heidi advised my Dad Michael and I to help ourselves to water, tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit. We met Jackie who was the mum in the Sorbent commercial.
She was also friendly and happy to have a chat with us. Jackie was a mum sitting on a large car mat with many toys in the lounge room, Zachary was
sitting next to her playing with the toys. Jackie blew her nose and then wiped Zachary’s nose. Zachary was well behaved and enjoyed being around all
the people. When filming was finished I asked Tony the director how Zachary went and he said he was very good and did what he needed to do. All of
the Crew were lovely to work with and be around. At 3.00pm Heidi advised that filming was finished with the kids. My dad and I were invited to stay
for lunch with the Crew. Lunch was a buffet with many delicious dishes. We were very happy with the food and would like to thank Creatable Food for
a beautiful lunch. We sat with the Crew and chatted about the day. The Director Tony was also very friendly and welcomed us to the set. After filming
Tony approached us to thank us for coming along and said Zachary was a gorgeous boy and he would be seeing alot more of him. My Dad (Zachary’s Grandpa)
was so proud of how well behaved Zachary was and the comments we received from Tony the Director. It was a great experinece for us all and we hope
to do it all again. Again Anna thank you for all your help and support it was appreciated