“Zoe was lucky to be called for a photo shoot for The Little Homie on the 26th of June. It was for the promotion of the kids books 123 JAY-Z and ABC
JAY-Z. We arrived at the shoot about 10 minutes earlier. Someone came to greet us and asked if Zoe could start straight away. They liked what she
was wearing and loved her hair, they asked if we could do the shoot just the way she was dressed. She joined the other kids that were already being
photographed and started following the crews’ instructions. They loved the way that she just listened and performed. Zoe was also loving it as
she got to play with bubbles and got to do some colouring. She loved posing and smiling for the cameras and loved meeting new friends on the set.
The shoot was done within an hour and Zoe got to leave with a little gift bag with some treats. About two weeks ago we came across one of her photo
on the Little Homies Instagram homepage. Very proud of our little cutie. Well done Zoe!” – Marie (Zoe’s Mum)